Steelcase Combo Cabinets

Steelcase branded combo cabinets with left and right door configurations.
Some cabinets are fixed with mirrors and coat racks.
Small and Large cabinets in stock.

Keys are available for some cabinets, call for details.
Cabinets are in great condition.

Overall dimensions of Large combos: 72 ” Height X 36 ” Width X 23 ” Depth
Overall dimensions of Small combos: 54 ” Height X 42 ” Width X 17 ” Depth

Only 4 Large Combo Cabinets available (3 left, 1 right) = $150.00 each
Only 10 Small Combo Cabinets available (7 left, 3 right) = $125.00 each

Please note:
We do our best to keep this website updated but our inventory changes regularly.
No guarantee is made or implied that the items listed here will be available.
If this is a concern please call ahead and confirm. Thank you.