Fire King Lateral Fireproof Cabinets

Whether you’re securing business-related items like license paperwork,
payroll, documents or computer digit media, FireKing is the solution to trust.
We have 2 keys available per cabinet.

Technical Ratings:

-UL 1-Hour Fire Rating
(tests expose the file cabinets to temperatures of 1700 degrees for one hour,
without the internal temperatures exceeding 350 degrees)

-Water Resistant
(water resistant from sprinklers and fire hoses)

-30-Foot UL Impact Rating
(products survive a loaded fall of 30 feet)

-High Security Key Lock
(advanced lock bypass featuring a two-position drawer catch
allowing access to only certain drawers)

Overall footprint: 53″ T x 31″ W x 22″ D

4 available @ 31″ W

4 available
$150.00 each

Please note:
We do our best to keep this website updated but our inventory changes regularly.
No guarantee is made or implied that the items listed here will be available.
If this is a concern please call ahead and confirm. Thank you.